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Friday, September 23, 2011

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letter J and a little Lent and St. Patrick too!

For Preschool Playdate last week we learned about the Letter J.  We also talked a little bit about Lent and St. Patrick as well!

We started by learning about the letter J. We put "Jewels" on the letter J outline and I wrote- Jesus is more precious than a Jewel.
 We talked about Lent (the day before had been Ash Wednesday) we created something visual as a reminder of lent- a Crown of thorns.

 Everyone got a tub of playdough  (whatever color they chose) and rolled it out.
 After rolling out the playdough we formed it into a circle- like a crown.
Then we put toothpicks into the playdough crowns to make it looks like thorns.

This the a look at the final "crown of thorns".

For snack today we had Jello! Yummy!! :) And Juice too!

We worked on writing Capital and lowercase letter J in some little workbooks I found at the Dollar Tree-cheap and easy... plus they have stickers too!

We talked about St. Patrick and the shamrock- we talked about the 3 leaves symbolizing the Father , Son , and the Holy Spirit... we also practiced making the sign of the cross.

 Then we made these really cute beaded shamrock finger rosaries... found this on my favorite Catholic website- Catholic Icing!! Thank you Lacy-- love your stuff! :)

 Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all!   :)

Very belated Preschool Playdate- President's Day and Letter H

Here are some of the things we did at one of our February Preschool Playdates---
President's Day and the Letter H!

Circled Capital H and Lowercase H in Red and Blue crayon.

We used the letter H to make Hats for President Lincoln - I think Scarlett's looks a little like a leprechaun!

Because they all like to use my dry erase board I wrote lots of letters on the board and they had to circle only the H's... then they all wanted to practice writing the letter H as well :)

 Sang Hickory Dickory Dock and if your Happy and you know it and Head shoulders Knees and Toes with our rhythm sticks- they have so much fun with these!! :)

 This picture of the boys cracks me up... we were talking about the presidents- Abraham Lincoln and George Washington... we used some information from Enchanted Learning for this.

Had a snack- ate pretzels- made letter H and also tried to stack the pretzels to make a Log cabin for President Lincoln as well!

 Then we studied different coins to see what presidents were on them!  We sorted coins and looked for really shiny coins.
 Lots of sorting going on!
 Then we found dirty coins and cleaned them with some salt and vinegar in water.
 Finally we used the clean coins and made president coin bracelets with pennies and nickels and clear tape.

Happy President's Day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Letter B and SNOWMEN!

 Preschool Playdate this past week was FUN! :) We learned about the letter B and lots of fun cold-weather SNOWMAN activities-- perfect because it had just snowed here in Dallas a couple days before! (Generally if there is EVER snow on the ground... even a little bit... you will see lots of yards with snowman... some teeny tiny, dirt covered ones this time... but none the less!
After we talked about the letter B and glued Buttons on our B's...  
We split up and did little one-on-one activities. Lily worked on this snowman's buttons... she had to tell me the color and shape of different buttons.  I had her sister help her with this as well while I worked with others.

We had several snowman activities... all from Confessions of a Homeschooler or Totally Tots.  They were all sorting types of activities.  This one is sorting the capital letter S and lowercase S.  There were also putting large and small snowmen in order... and putting the correct color scarf on snowmen as well.

Then we sang their favorite song- I'm a little snowman.  I have found various versions of this from various places but the one that I like the best is: I'm a little snomwan (to the tune of I'm a little teapot)
I'm a little snowman short and fat,
here is my broom, here is my hat (hold broom, and touch head for hat)
when it's cold and icy I will stay (burrr... shiver)
but when it's hot (wipe forehead and say whew!!)
I melt away away... and they melt to the floor (see next pic- cute!)

Then, we ate some snowmen! (Marshmallows- big and little ones...) along with some pretzels and hot chocolate- yummy! I also read the story, Frosty the Snowman ,while they snacked.

Next, we painted "Circle" snowmen- I cut up some sponges into circles.  They dipped the circle sponges into white paint and made snowmen on the blue paper... also used Q-tips to make little snowflakes all around the snowman.

Here are our little snowmen we made (on a snowy day a couple days ago with Daddy)... 
I kidnapped the smaller one for our next activity...


We dug into the snowman with spoons... (poor snowman)

We sampled the snowman... I tried to stop them but...

We poured hot water on the snowman to see what would happen...

We used various tools with warm water and squirted the snowman...

We used food coloring in water and colored the snow to make it pretty.

More hot water to really make this snowman melt..."ahhh...I'm melting!!... melting!!"
They REALLY enjoyed this... I would highly recommend this activity! :)

We did a snowman listening activity and a tracing snowballs activity as well... then we got on and did a cute snowman activity online.  The kids loved dressing up a snowman that sang a song to them at the end.

Even if you don't get any snow, kids LOVE snowmen and this is the perfect time of year to do it! :)