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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Einstein DVD Refund!

WOW- Better watch what you say... or advertise...!!! Disney Channel has to refund (up to 4 DVDS) anyone that has Baby Einstein DVD if they return them because Disney claimed that they were "educational" for ages 0-2 years old. Well if you are a fairly smart person you KNOW that TV for babies is not really educational... BUT if you are a MOM you ALSO know that you need a shower once in awhile!! LOL So.... it can be helpful under certain circumstances!!
Anyway- this website is interesting.... you can return if you want... I have quite a few and am thinking about it- or at least exchanging it for music for my little ones since my girls LOVE music (and so do I) !!

Take a look:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcome to my "stay at home" Preschool Mommy Blog!

I am so excited to start this blog! I have been pondering over blogging about teaching pre-school to my daughters at home for quite some time. Now my little one is almost 3 years old and she is ready to GO! (and so am I) I have been totally obsessed with all the amazing blogs that moms (and dads) are doing out there for their kiddos. I love seeing the amazing things their kids are learning and I am ready to share what we are doing as well!! Last weekend we started cleaning up the garage so I can use it as my classroom.... I know that sounds weird but we are going to put a heating unit out there and carpeting on the ground- I have this really cute (enormous) rug that I have been waiting to use! I have a large table for organizing and a great rectangular table that can be lowered for my little one to sit at and do work. I just bought 6 school chairs from Virco- they are virtually indestructable( and have a 10 year warranty!) so we will have seating out there as well. I am planning on getting a moveable whiteboard and I have some shelf space as well. So I think we are ready to go! I will post pics of the classroom as soon as it is finished (hopefully this weekend!) Can't wait to really get this all started! More to come very soon!!!