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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yummy Dough- A Review! :)

We were so excited to try out Yummy Dough given to us to try from PlaSmart.
My 3 year old really LOVED doing this. She loves playdoh to begin with and she LOVES cooking with her Mommy so.... two of her favorite things to do, rolled into one was just PERFECT!
First we put the contents of the package in the bowl.

Next we measured and added water.

Mix it up with a spoon and the color starts to show! Scarlett's fave color is red so that is what we did first!

Then she had to knead it with her hands (that was FUN for her!) to get it to a dough consistency.

And... start PLAYING!

The playing part was pretty fun- for Scarlett AND Mommy!  :)

After we played we put our little pieces of art into the oven to bake... 
Yummy!  It tasted pretty darn good!! :)

Thanks to Plasmart for letting us review their Yummy Dough- I would definitely get this again- 
it is simple to use, child friendly, easy clean up, and yummy too!  Great product!
You can buy Yummy Dough at FatBrainToys.Com  and also on Amazon too!

Disclaimer:  I received a complementary box of Yummy Dough for the sole purpose of reviewing this product. This free product in no way affected my review. The review and the products were provided free of charge and I received no monetary compensation for this post.

May is the Month for Mary!

I am sooo behind on blogging, but I had to share a very special day that we celebrated  on May 5th.  I have always loved May Crownings for Mary and so this year I decided to do a Mini-May Crowning with my Pray and Play Church group.  We had our pastor from our church, Father Michael, come to my house and bless my new Mary statue and also give a blessing to all the mothers that were there as well.   All the children put carnations in vases around the statue of Mary and then afterwards we said the rosary as usual.  Then we all shared a yummy lunch that the moms made and picnicked out in the backyard.  It was a really lovely event!
 Crown we made from pipe cleaner and pink baby's breath.

Crowning our Mary statue.

Father Michael getting ready to bless our Mary statue and then all the mommies!
A special blessing for two expectant moms.

Father Michael taking pictures with all the children.

Picnic time!
More picnicking!  


It has been quite awhile, huh?

I can't believe I haven't blogged in such a long time... I feel like the past couple months have been overwhelming because I started a little side business called Creative Nutrition (which I LOVE) and then just all the regular Mommy things that take up my entire day!  Creative Nutrition was created by my friend Emily and myself.  We do free Wellness presentations for families to help them get more fruits and vegetables into their diets.  We are supposed to eat 9-13 servings of fruits and veggies every day!!  I know most people (including myself) are not anywhere close to that and since I was already taking Juice Plus+ and we have both been teachers previously this seemed like such a natural thing for us to want to do.  So I have been busy, busy, busy with wellness presentations in different people's homes- they are so fun- we make fun, healthy snacks, sample yummy smoothies and talk about relevant information that will help Moms get the very best nutritional information for their families!
So.... that's what I've been up to. Unfortunately that means other things have gone by the wayside... I haven't been as regimented about preschool with Scarlett- Tuesday mornings haven't been as productive in that department.  But thankfully we have been doing Thursday Preschool Playdate every week since February with friends so she gets one solid day which has been great!!  I am now ready to get back into serious preschool time on Tuesdays as well though- and I need to start posting again too! 
I miss all my bloggy mommy friends and all the great ideas that are out there!

Talk to you all soon- have a happy weekend!