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Sunday, July 11, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers... and a BABY BOY TOO!

In April, I  threw a baby shower for my little sister-- she just had her baby in May (Jacob Michael) and I still haven't posted until today- aghhh!!
I threw her baby shower on a Saturday afternoon toward the end of April. I really wanted an outdoor baby shower in the backyard, BUT the weather in Dallas decided to follow my theme and it "SHOWERED" all morning!! Therefore,we had the baby shower in my house- it turned out really nice even if it was a bit crowded!! I just want to thank my sister in law for helping me with everything- she was so wonderful and fun to work with and also my BEST friend (who is also my Fairy Blog Mother) for her help taking the pictures. Thank you!!
Invitation for the event: 
April Showers bring May Flowers and a little baby boy, 
Let's shower Claire with lots of love for this bundle of joy!

Gorgeous chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with Umbrella Toppers and little "raindrop" flowers.  I worked with Charynn to create my own unique cupcake toppers - I found her from Two Sugar Babies on Etsy - check her out! She can do the most amazing stuff with fondant- Thank you Charynn!

I also worked with Tabitha from Proud Grits on Etsy- she was so sweet and we actually talked about lots of ideas for my baby shower- she really knows her stuff! I ended up having her make me some cute umbrella confetti and she threw in some little paper flower confetti as well- it was absolutely adorable on the tables!

Sign in table for Claire's Shower- we used her baby book to sign in and had a M&M counting game at the sign in table too!  Claire dressed perfectly to match her yellow and blue baby shower colors- she is so cute!

One of the guests counting the M&M's in the baby bottle!
Another game we played was measure the Momma! Each person had to take a piece of string and cut it at whatever they thought the circumference of Claire's baby belly might be.  It was pretty funny- some cut very small lengths of string and others cute humongous pieces!! LOL 
The winners received a cute little candle and notepad for a prize.

My other little sister, Claire, and my mom helping open a gift.  If you look behind them on the fireplace you will see a "bunting" type banner that says Baby Shower in cute lettering- with little baby boy onesies hanging on the rope with clips.

Here is an up close of some of the umbrellas we put around the house.  We cut raindrops and hung them with clear string to the yellow and blue umbrellas.

More cute umbrellas, balloons, and raindrops!

We served some light snacks since the party was around 3 in the afternoon.  We had fruit and veggies to nibble on as well as some quiche and some mini pizza rollups. Yummy!
At the end of the shower, we gave small umbrellas as thank you gifts to the guests...we used raindrop paper and wrote "from our shower to yours" on the paper attached to the umbrella- since it was raining those umbrellas really got used!! LOL

Claire's shower was really a success! She literally got a room FULL of gifts.  It completely filled my living room area- it was amazing! Definitely thankful for all our family and friends that were able to attend!

SOME OTHER THANK YOUS! Check out all these great sites!
When I was planning this party, I went to some experts to get advice on what kinds of things would be neat to do for the baby shower.  I talked with Brittany from One Charming Party because she has the most awesome, beautiful ideas!! I wasn't expecting this but she actually hooked me up with a free inspiration board from her friend Becca from Birthday Girl Blog and oh my gosh it was the coolest April Showers Inspiration Board!!  I love these two girls ideas- they are absolutely fabulous and can come up with some really unique ideas if you need something for birthdays, showers, weddings, etc.  Check them both out and give them lots of love from me!!  Here is the PRECIOUS inspiration board that Becca sent me- so many cute ideas- for anyone that might be interested in doing a "rainshowers theme!".
Another sweet lady that sent me some awesome ideas was Shelley from How Does She? Have ya'll ever seen this blog?  It is so cool- those girls are amazing and their blog is so much fun to read! Check it out!!
My final shout out is to Amy from STEM parties- she also sent me loads of adorable ideas and places to check out online!!  
All of these ladies are busy, busy, busy and yet they each took time to write me back and I will be forever appreciative of that!  I hope good things are coming  to each and every one of the ladies that helped me with this shower. HUGS TO YOU ALL!!


shelley said...

Aw! Thanks for the shout out. It turned out ADORABLY!!! LOVE the invites and cupcakes. SOOO cute!

proudgrits11 said...

WOW!! What a lovely baby shower!! I love everything! You had such unique, creative touches--so fabulous!! Claire really is adorable--I love the blue and yellow! :)
Thanks for sharing....and I'm so thankful to have been a teeny part of your wonderful event!!