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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have been dying to post this!  I am throwing a birthday party for Scarlett (she will be 3 this week) on Saturday with approx.  ten little 2,3, and 4 year olds attending.  I gave Scarlett a choice of different party themes, Dora, Princess, Reindeer, Snowman, and she chose Reindeer-- I was surprised she didn't want the Princess party-isn't that usually what every little girl picks?
But I was excited too because I have so many fun ideas for the party!

We made reindeer invitations- you need- Red pom-poms (for nose), Google eyes, brown construction paper (cut in a heart shape), hole punch, and brown or black chenille stems
1.  Cut a heart shape out of brown construction
2.  Glue on Google Eyes and a cute red pom-pom nose at the bottom of the heart shape for a nose.

3. Punch a hole a the top of the heart (reindeer) and put a brown chenille stem through the hole- bend in half and twist for antlers! 
On the back I typed up a the information for the party it said:
Now Dasher, Now Dancer, Now Prancer and Vixen,
On Comet, On Cupid, on Donder, and Blitzen!
To Ruby's 3rd birthday, we're ready to go!
Rudolph's excited- see his nose glow?
(then date, time, address, etc!)

We sent out the Reindeer invites about a month ago (sent early because it is holiday season and people are busy!)
I will be sending out Part 2 in the next day or so-- it includes what I am doing for all the party festivities!
Part 3 will be the actual party and how it turned out! :)


Goat Gal said...

Those are great invitations! How fun!

Counting Coconuts said...

Oh these are just SO cute!! The kids will love the reindeer theme! What a fun mommy you are!!

Amanda said...

So Adorable! I LOVE the little saying.... I am excited to see your upcoming reindeer party posts ~ never seen a reindeer party!

The Activity Mom said...

Really cute!

silly eagle books said...

This is cute and fun. My daughter would love this idea.

Dee said...

Those are great!

Serendipity said...

Those are seriously cute! TFS :)

Preschool Playbook said...

These reindeer are really adorable. I hope you have a great time at the reindeer party!

Amanda said...

Aww! Those are so CUTE!

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Adorable craft. I am blog hopping and found your blog. I'm a new follower! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!