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Friday, March 12, 2010

St. Patrick's Day activities!

I put a few of the activities we did for Thursday Preschool Playdate on my Tot School blog... but here are the other things we did at Preschool Playdate for St. Patrick's day (which is next Wednesday the 17th!)

 Both girls were ecstatic that little leprechauns came to our house and left a trail of little green shamrocks for them to follow...

and follow...

and follow some more...

until they found the POT OF GOLD!!
Those silly leprechauns sure know what little girls like!! (Princess stickers, a tootsie roll pop, and chocolate chip cookies! YUMMY)


Then for GOOD LUCK we decided to make some Blarney stones.
Paint a little watered down glue on some stones...

Then shake on some magic blarney stone GLITTER (green or gold)

TA-DA!  BLARNEY STONES- May the Luck of the Irish be with you!!

Finally, we read about St. Patrick.  There are 2 books I would like to recommend:
1.  Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie dePaola

2.  St. Patrick by Ann Trompert

After reading about St. Patrick- we colored pictures of Saint Patrick and the shamrock.   
We talked about the 3 leaves on the Shamrock and how it represents the Trinity- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We practiced the Sign of the Cross...
 I have to brag a little bit and say the Scarlett can recited, Hail Mary, Angel of God, Now I Lay Me, and the Meal Prayer all by herself... I am so proud of her... and when she isn't being totally finicky at church she sings the Alleluia and some of the other parts of the Mass as well... I love to hear her sweet  little voice, and I am definitely one to believe that God hears the prayers of a little child so much louder than my own (sometimes selfish) prayers... I really like to pray with Scarlett just for this very reason!
Have a Blessed Saint Patrick's day!!


teachmama said...

LOVE your activities, seriously LOVE them.
You are an awesome teacher and fantastic mom.

Shana said...

very cool ideas! I have been checking out your blog as I have a 2 yr old who will be home-schooled and I am trying to get some preschool stuff together. I had a lot of links saved but my computer crashed at the beginning of the week so I now have to find them all Anyway, I love your blog.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Cool Blarney stones! My kids would love to make those!