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Friday, March 26, 2010

Three Cups-Teaching Children the Value of Money (Book Review)

I was asked to review the book, Three Cups,retold by Mark St. Germain.  The lovely book is fabulously illustrated by April Willy.  This book is based on a true story of Tony Townsley (self published by Tony Townsley and Scott Wily)  and how Tony was inspired to give back to his community.  So, in his own small way, he and his wife did just this with their children.  They created an allowance system to teach their children how to manage money but also they taught them the TRUE meaning of money - it is NOT important how MUCH money you have, rather what YOU DO with the money you have!

This book is very intriguing and though it is written with the intent to help children understand how to manage money, this book was so very valuable for me (and adult, a mother, and a teacher) to read as well!  I feel that anyone could gain knowledge about handling money from reading this book, but it is very helpful for parents who want to teach their children to be responsible about their savings and spending. When receiving an allowance the children then split the money up in to  3 Cups, which were Savings, Spending, and Charity.  I think this is such a positive way to reinforce great values and help children appreciate the value of money.  I feel that this book is a real "treasure" for families and will be a great asset for my little ones!

Three Cups is available to order on the Three Cups Website as well as Amazon.

Disclaimer:  I received a complementary copy of, "Three Cups" for the sole purpose of reviewing the book and offering two copies for a giveaway. This free book in no way affected my review. The review and the products were provided free of charge and I received no monetary compensation for this post.

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