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Saturday, May 22, 2010

May is the Month for Mary!

I am sooo behind on blogging, but I had to share a very special day that we celebrated  on May 5th.  I have always loved May Crownings for Mary and so this year I decided to do a Mini-May Crowning with my Pray and Play Church group.  We had our pastor from our church, Father Michael, come to my house and bless my new Mary statue and also give a blessing to all the mothers that were there as well.   All the children put carnations in vases around the statue of Mary and then afterwards we said the rosary as usual.  Then we all shared a yummy lunch that the moms made and picnicked out in the backyard.  It was a really lovely event!
 Crown we made from pipe cleaner and pink baby's breath.

Crowning our Mary statue.

Father Michael getting ready to bless our Mary statue and then all the mommies!
A special blessing for two expectant moms.

Father Michael taking pictures with all the children.

Picnic time!
More picnicking!  


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Debbie said...

What a special blessing! Thank you for sharing!