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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday Party for Two Princesses

Last week I manage to tackle putting together a PRINCESS party for both of my girls.  We decided to do a joint birthday party this year because even though their birthdays are in two different months they both LOVE princesses and they both would want a princess party anyway! Plus it will save me from being overwhelmed with trying to throw Scarlett's party in December amidst the holiday chaos! :)

Thank goodness it wasn't raining because we had about 27 kiddos come to the party as well as their parents- and we did lots of activities outside.
I set up a table outside for a craft activity when the kiddos arrived.. Scarlett wanted to make hers before everyone got there. She is decorating her royal princess crown.
Boys and Girls got to chose a hat or crown and then decorate them outside with stickers and glitter.

I was able to convince my sisters of a FABULOUS gift for the girls birthday:
Dressing up as Scarlett and Lily's FAVORITE princesses!
My sisters were very kind  to do this for them! :) Thank you girls!
On the left is the beautiful Cinderella and on the right is the fabulous Ariel (little mermaid)!
Scarlett and Lily were in LOVE!! Scarlett later told me this was her favorite part of the whole party!
My husband drove the tractor princess carriage and gave all the royalty rides around the backyard.  
What FUN!

Then it was princess PINATA time!! Whoo hoo!  Everyone got a few turns to break open the pinata and they were LOVING it I tell ya! :) It was so cute to watch some of the littler ones hitting the pinata.  Then- out came the candy! Yum! Yum!
Princess Cinderella read a story called Polite as a Princess to all the lords and ladies... 
and then...
Time to sing Happy Birthday to my two princesses (here they are blowing out the candles!)

I made strawberry cupcakes and regular white cupcakes with sprinkles as well.
More tractor rides with Daddy!
Ariel helped with the game "pass Cinderella's glass slipper". We played UNDER the SEA music and when it stopped whomever had the glass slipper got a little bean bag fish from Ariel for a prize!  (Note: They were sitting on a parachute... afterwards we played parachute with all the kids- that is always a favorite!)

When our ROYAL guests were leaving Scarlett and Lily handed them a thank you bag with little gifts fitting of their age.  There were glow in the dark swords, bubbles, bouncy balls, princess crayons, rings, necklaces, princess chapstick, etc. in the designated bags.  
Gosh I love my two princesses! :)  I hope they had as much fun as it seemed they did- lots of smiles, giggles, and excitement all day long.  Hugs and Kisses to my Scarlett and Lily!  xoxoxo

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