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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First day of Gymnastics

Lily gets to go to gymnastics just like her big sister now on Tuesday mornings when Scarlett is doing Preschool Playdate with our neighbors.  Lily was soooo excited to see coach Stacy and actually go INTO the same room that Scarlett always does!
It was too cute to watch her do all the little exercises.  In fact, when we walked in she ran straight over to Coach Stacy and sat down right next to her and started stretching her little legs (she always watches Scarlett do this and mimics her in the parent watching room so she knows just what to do!!)
Here are a couple pics  I snapped on my Iphone... I forgot to bring my real camera to capture her first day... sigh... but these are better than nothin'!

At the end she got stamps on her hands since she did such a great job! Yay Lily!  This was so great because she showed them to everyone all day long (even after there was only a smudge or two left over! lol)

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