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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday morning at the Zoo

Scarlett has been begging me to go to the zoo and even though we are members we haven't been in quite a long time!  The Giants of Savanna is a whole new area they added to our zoo and it is so beautiful!
They always had elephants and a giraffe or two but now there are quite a few of each and you can actually feed the giraffes and certain times of day! Too cool!
looking at the warthogs

Didn't think we'd get the lions to come down by us... we were wrong.... here comes the female!

She came right up to the window... were we THAT interesting??

NOPE... there was a gigantic block of ice right by the window so she could cool off... ahhh...

And boy did she LOVE on this piece of ice... it was quite a show!!

And she LOVED on it some more... and pushed it around... and licked on it...

I think the male lion got jealous because he came walking down and pounced on her... and then they began to play.... typical guy... LOL!

Then we peaked at the giraffes... 
they didn't want to come down close today so we couldn't feed them- darn!

have you ever seen giraffes run?  They look like uncoordinated, gangly 11 year old boys running- too funny- but very cute!

These were the coolest little yellow birds- called Uganda Weaver Birds... They used leaves and blades of grass and made ball shaped nests. They would fly upside down and build their nests upside down- it was really cool to watch these busy little guys!

Then we went on the Monorail or "zoo train" as the girls called it.  We saw lots of animals and went under a waterfall- pretty!

We went over to the children's zoo area and played on the playground toys- this is a dinosaur egg- Scarlett was pretending to be a baby dinosaur!

Then we got to pet some sweet little goats.  They were trying nibble on Lily's skirt and Scarlett's hat! That got quite a few giggles...

Scarlett found a little black goat laying alone in the corner and went to visit him as well.


A very cool looking spider monkey that was showing off!

Finally, we went into the Reptile building and saw an Albino crocodile- sooo cool!- Plus lots of snakes, turtles, and lizards.

We had such a fun morning hanging out at the zoo.  I love this picture... Scarlett is being a "cowgirl' and using her lasso and yelling "yeee haww" - As you can, see Lily is yelling " ye haw" too!  So cute!

Love my two cowgirls... even though I was one exhausted momma... they just make me so happy all the time with the cute little things they do... and I told them so on the way home...

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Mom vs. the boys said...

I love going to the zoo, the last time we were there we saw a camel playing with a big ball, like galloping around and tossing it and chasing after it! I've never seen anything like it. watching giraffes run would be a funny site too