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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letter J and a little Lent and St. Patrick too!

For Preschool Playdate last week we learned about the Letter J.  We also talked a little bit about Lent and St. Patrick as well!

We started by learning about the letter J. We put "Jewels" on the letter J outline and I wrote- Jesus is more precious than a Jewel.
 We talked about Lent (the day before had been Ash Wednesday) we created something visual as a reminder of lent- a Crown of thorns.

 Everyone got a tub of playdough  (whatever color they chose) and rolled it out.
 After rolling out the playdough we formed it into a circle- like a crown.
Then we put toothpicks into the playdough crowns to make it looks like thorns.

This the a look at the final "crown of thorns".

For snack today we had Jello! Yummy!! :) And Juice too!

We worked on writing Capital and lowercase letter J in some little workbooks I found at the Dollar Tree-cheap and easy... plus they have stickers too!

We talked about St. Patrick and the shamrock- we talked about the 3 leaves symbolizing the Father , Son , and the Holy Spirit... we also practiced making the sign of the cross.

 Then we made these really cute beaded shamrock finger rosaries... found this on my favorite Catholic website- Catholic Icing!! Thank you Lacy-- love your stuff! :)

 Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all!   :)


Jenny said...

Oh how fun!

Your blog is beautiful...I'm a new follower from Catholic Mothers Online. Please stop by and return the favor.

DevotionMama said...

I'd love to get you connected with Mamas Write a new group for Christian Mom Bloggers in Texas! Check us out on the web at or email us at for details. Can't wait to meet you!