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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Very belated Preschool Playdate- President's Day and Letter H

Here are some of the things we did at one of our February Preschool Playdates---
President's Day and the Letter H!

Circled Capital H and Lowercase H in Red and Blue crayon.

We used the letter H to make Hats for President Lincoln - I think Scarlett's looks a little like a leprechaun!

Because they all like to use my dry erase board I wrote lots of letters on the board and they had to circle only the H's... then they all wanted to practice writing the letter H as well :)

 Sang Hickory Dickory Dock and if your Happy and you know it and Head shoulders Knees and Toes with our rhythm sticks- they have so much fun with these!! :)

 This picture of the boys cracks me up... we were talking about the presidents- Abraham Lincoln and George Washington... we used some information from Enchanted Learning for this.

Had a snack- ate pretzels- made letter H and also tried to stack the pretzels to make a Log cabin for President Lincoln as well!

 Then we studied different coins to see what presidents were on them!  We sorted coins and looked for really shiny coins.
 Lots of sorting going on!
 Then we found dirty coins and cleaned them with some salt and vinegar in water.
 Finally we used the clean coins and made president coin bracelets with pennies and nickels and clear tape.

Happy President's Day!

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