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Monday, December 7, 2009

Celebrating St. Nicholas Day (yesterday!)

(To read more about him see my previous blog! Thanks!)
Happy Saint Nicholas Day! Scarlett woke up and ran out to find that St. Nick had filled the stockings and left behind a picture of himself as well!

Peeking inside her stocking!

How fun! Scarlett found adorable pink and yellow wood castanets (courtesy of Target $1.00 bins) and a Polar Bear Pez candy and a cute Puppy Dog calendar....

The girls also got some very cute wood box Dress-Up Bears (from Target as well $2.00). Lily woke up and Scarlett(in her coat getting ready for Mass) watched as she examined what was in her stocking as well!

Lily pulled out some wood castenets for herself too! She was able to figure out how to use them as well- I was really impress because that takes quite a "fine motor skill" to do it! Lily got a Snowman Pez candy... (which she won't be eating but she can play with the snowman container!)

Lily was excited to find a Kitten Calendar (this girl LOVES cats!!) She loves to say "meow" all day long- and if she doesn't know what an animal is she calls it a "meow" as well! LOL

My hubby put all the lights up outside on Saturday morning and I finished cleaning and decorating inside... Sunday morning the Christmas tree went up- but we haven't got the ornaments on it yet! I was proud we got as much done as we did (amidst 3 Christmas parties this weekend- SHEESH!) Anyway, my personal goal of getting it all done before St. Nicholas day almost went through... tonight we are putting the ornaments on with the girls and then we will be completely set! :)

** I love this picture- I walked into the living room and Scarlett was reading this little reindeer book to Lily- they were sitting so still and reading- it was PRECIOUS!!
Happy St. Nicholas Day to you!!


Katie said...

Oh how fun! Looks like a great day full of memories.

Mama King said...

What a wonderful family tradition! Your girls are precious.