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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Camping in Oklahoma

Scarlett has been begging us to go camping... how does she even know about this kind of stuff at 3.5 years old??????
Anyway, we kept thinking we would pitch a tent in our backyard... but I kept putting it off weekend after weekend because we had a million other things going on.  Daddy has been so busy with work (especially 1 particular crazy-horrible job) and so most of September and almost all of October we hardly even saw him- the girls didn't spend much time at all with him.  So... I decided we should take a mini-weekend vacation and off we went this past weekend to Davis, Oklahoma (a little less than 2 hours north of DFW) and we "camped" out in a cabin in Turner Falls. 
It was so beautiful! The leaves are just now changing-kind of late this year, huh?- and the drive up 35 was really peaceful with the hills, the beautiful trees, and lots of rock formations.  It was really cool! Also there are mountains- can you believe it?  They aren't very big or anything... but they are called the Arbuckle Mountains and we saw them driving up as well as climbed some of the little ones while we were at Turner Falls. 

Last minute we got some camping buddies to go along with us- some of our neighbors who just happen to be Scarlett and Lily's best little buddies- so that worked out great too!

We all had a really nice weekend... we saw the beautiful water fall- Bridal Falls at the Park....

....went on short hikes through the woods.  

Climbed a few very large hills (my calves are killing me!) and sat around a campfire and cooked S'mores... My favorite part--yummy!!  

If you live in the DFW area or of course in Oklahoma- it is such a convenient drive for families with little ones! :) We had such a great time!! 

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