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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Madness at our house! :)

Once everyone shows up an oohs and ahhs over all the fantastic costumes we eat dinner!
* I make some homemade chili and Mac N Cheese for the kiddos... everyone else brings the fixins' and the drinks!


 Then we hit the pinata! Almost every child--- ages 1 and up want to take a hit at the pumpkin pinata- fun fun!

Lily takes a hit at the pinata!
 Then Scarlett gets a chance to take a WHACK!

We go smallest child to biggest child--Our 6 year old friend broke it open this year! YAY! CANDY!
(everyone makes a run for the candy!)

Next comes the "line up"! We used to do this on our couch every year... too many kids to do it on the couch anymore!  Now we lined up on our fence in the backyard- Say CHEESE!  
(I am still missing about 3 or 4 kiddos in this lineup.. .sheesh!)

 After the line up we get our glow sticks and go trick or treating on our cul-de-sac... 
the perfect amount of houses for little 2, 3 and 4 year olds!!

Lily  (aka Cinderella) says "Trick or Treat!"

 My favorite of the night--- Chim chimeney, chim chimeney, chim chim cher eee!!  
Love my BURT AND MARY POPPINS! Too Sweet! :) xxoxo

I hope you and your kiddos had a fun and spooky Halloween too!! 


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