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Friday, December 17, 2010

Our trip to Build A Bear

My husband's Aunt Mary sent our girls such a sweet gift this year ( I think I was almost as excited as them!) She sent them gift certificates to Build A Bear.  We took the girls a few nights ago (on a week night- weekends at the Mall are CRAZY in December!)

Scarlett chose a Bear and Lily chose a Cat.  Here they are helping press the foot pedal to STUFF their animals! 
Lily was so excited to help stuff her kitty!

They had to choose a heart to put into their animal- they had to give it a BIG kiss to fill it with love! :)

 After the stuffing was done they had to give their animals an AIR Bath... they are brushing and "cleaning" their new pets! They just LOVED this :)
Then they picked out outfits... Scarlett chose a princess dress and Lily chose this ballerina dress... they both also insisted on panties!! They have PANTIES for these animals! LOL (thought that was so funny!)

All dressed and ready to go on their way!  We went over to a special computer and had to name their new animals- Lily named hers "Bo Peep" (where did this come from?? I have not idea! lol) and Scarlett named her bear "sunshine".  She informed me today that she was not going to play with sunshine today because bears "hibernate" in the cold.... I was pretty impressed with this! lol

Off we go with our new pets!  Love these boxes... they were so excited! Thank you Aunt Mary! Wish you could have been here to enjoy all the excitement!  We love you!!

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