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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 2: More Letter T (with Aunt Claire)

Today (the second day) I have something last minute I am going to do with my hubby... so... I am going to do something that I am hoping Scarlett will like- I invited her Aunt Claire over to do her pre-k workboxes! yay!
We will see how it goes... but since this isn't a formal class setting I think it will be just great! But poor Aunt Claire has to juggle little Lily (1 year old) and Scarlett too. Since she doesn't have any little ones of her own yet it will be an experience! LOL
Here are the pics of what will be in today's workboxes- Lot of stuff from Confessions of Homeschooler this week- One of my FAVE blogs!
Here is what is in each workbox today! (Maybe I'll get lucky and Aunt Claire will take photos of the girls working in each box today as well- fingers crossed.... )

Box 1- Turtle Floor Mats- today she will mostly likely just find the color shell that her aunt calls out... we are just beginning to recognize numbers. (from Confessions of Homeschooler)

Box 2: Writing activity- tracing the dotted lines... and on the last page there is a quick cutting activity as well (Confessions of a Homeschooler)

Montessori Activity- Make a pipe cleaner bracelet- sting the oval pony beads on the pipe cleaner (she will love this one!)

Box 4: Size sorting with Turtles- small, medium, and large.... (thanks to Confessions of a Homeschooler)

Turkey Match Folder Game- from File Folder Fun- just registered there and have only begun to search this site- but looks good so far!

Leaf Rubbings... who can go wrong with this? :) Scarlett went out and found some "pretty leaves" yesterday. Today she will put the leaf under the paper and rub a crayon on top of the paper to make a leaf picture on the paper-MAGIC!! lol


Virginia Lee said...

I am so excited for your homeschooling journey! I remember how I felt when we started last year. May God bless your time together with your little ones!

Jo Shabo said...

Thank you for such a nice comment. I am trying to enjoy every moment!!