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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thursday of Week 2 in Tot School!

Scarlett was ready as usual to head over to the workboxes! She had already "peeked" at them and knew exactly what she wanted to do first!

Thanksgiving Native American Headdress- We got this idea from No Time for Flashcards.
First Scarlett was able to work on her cutting! (For 2.5 years she is pretty darn good!)

Then she colored, used a glue stick- and her favorite- GLITTER!

Finally, Scarlett got to put the feather on her headdress.

One little, Two little INDIANS! :)

Smelling Jars- Montessori idea. I put different scents in clean baby food jars. Scarlett had to match up the smells- lemon, pepper, vanilla, mint,vinegar (or STINKY smell as Scarlett says).

Matching up the scents... Lily is watching too!

Matching Letters...

Toothpick punch... great idea from:

What a fun week! Can't wait till next week to try some new things!


Adriana said...

The headresses turned out so cute! I haven't tried the toothpick punch letters. Neat idea!

whisperingwhispers said...

I love the headdresses! They turned out so cute! I bet they had as much fun wearing them as they did making them, I know Selena sure did hers.

Jennifer said...

I like the pin punching. We've done that before, but haven't gotten it out in a while. Thanks for the reminder! Thanks for linking up too! :)