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Friday, November 20, 2009

Earthworms Attack!!

This morning after a stormy night we looked out on our back porch to find lots of earthworms wiggling about! This was just too exciting for miss Scarlett and she talked me into letting her wander around the porch and look at them- which turned into picking them up and petting the earthworms... which turned into "saving" the earthworms by putting them out in the dirt. Then after I let her save them all on from our back porch (of doom!!) she decided she wanted to make a worm house for them. I gave her a shoe box and she put them all in the box with some dirt and water- of course!! She kept telling me how "cute" they were- it was pretty funny! I also had to give in and pet them a few times as well! Of course when she was done (about an hour later) we did a BIG scrub down- ha ha! But she really had so much fun- it was neat to watch her playing, building, and using her imagination. LOVED IT!

Saving the earthworms from our porch (putting them back in the dirt...)



zaf_fam_tx said...

We have had a bunch of dead eathworms in our garage this fall. We even found two tiny living ones in the kitchen. I, however, wasn't as enthusiastic about finding them homes. Next time, I will call Ruby to help. LOL

Jennifer said...

Hey, sorry to comment off topic, but I love your blog roll! Would you mind sharing what widget you used to get the moving pictures like that? I've been wanting to do that exact thing with my awards on my blog. Thanks!

Jo Shabo said...

I don't know how to do it- ha ha! I've done everything else on my page (which isn't saying much...) but my best friend happens to be amazing at HTML coding and I just showed her one and she was able to figure out how to do it. She is the other contributor on my page- I am so lucky!