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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A New Week of Tot School- Week 2- Letter T

We are ready for a new week of FUN!! I had Lily entertained with a small puff balls and a water bottle... she was entranced! She loved putting the little balls into the water bottle. Then we would close it all up and she would shake it around. It was cute to watch her chubby little fingers doing the work. So fun!

Scarlett was ready to get out to her Tot work-boxes! She loves getting to choose what to do first!

I found the cutest Thanksgiving pattern game for Scarlett from File Folder fun. I copied it and laminated it but it made it almost too slippery!! Scarlett's interest in this was not so great... and I think it was somewhat difficult for her- but we made it like a song... I would sing the pattern to her and then she got into it more!

This is a Turkey Hand- Scarlett painted her hand brown and fingers different colors for the feathers. We have yet to put a wiggly eye on it and then send it to her grandparents!
Got this idea from The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman - too cute!

Gotta love shaving cream! I'm not shy with messes... I'm almost as messy as my girls- ha! So we got out the shaving cream and put it all over the table. Then, we practiced our capital letter T! She LOVED it- and was a bit surprised, I might add, that we could do this with shaving cream!

I found some pictures on Google search of turkeys and printed them out. On each feather, I wrote (with marker)the first letter of a color (in that color too!) Then ,Scarlett matched the feather with the color on the turkey. She loved pasting the feathers on- she told me the turkey was naked and he needed his feathers. Ha! Great color matching idea!!

This was fun- a very Montessori idea. Got the blindfold (sleeping blindfold- see the closed eyelashes on it!)at Dollar Tree a couple weeks ago. We are going to use it when we do smelling jars as well. Grabbed a bag I had and put in lots of random things for Scarlett to feel. She just giggled and really enjoyed this! She was pretty good too- sometimes she wasn't confident it what she guessed but she got them all right!

What's in the bag?

We had lots of fun today- I think my favorite part is just watching her peek in the boxes to see what new activities she gets to do. I am loving this!!
I do wish it was easier to post pictures on here... I am getting frustrated because I think I am just not saavy enough with the blogging. I have to post my pictures backwards and then type everything in. Plus if they don't all line up one might be deleted accidently and then I can't get the picture back without posting it again!

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whisperingwhispers said...

What a great week! You had so many great ideas!

I always got frustrated using blogspot to post my pictures and such to, I now use Windows Live Writer and it makes such a difference and is much easier!

Jolanthe said...

Love the blindfold idea - I'll have to check out our Dollar Tree too and see if they have any. Zachary would love that!

Have a great week and thanks for joining up with us!

Virginia Lee said...

Another fun week. Really cute blindfold and feely bag.

The Fifth Street Mama said...

Love the shaving cream idea! That is great! I am a mom who likes to get messy too :)

meredith said...

You had some really great ideas this week. I like the feely bag and the feather color match.

Mari-Ann said...

What a great week! I'll have to give the mystery bag idea a try!

Kim said...

I love the feely bag idea. I have the same trouble with blogspot. It's taken a while but I'm finally getting the hang of it. Stick with it - I love your post!

Raising a Happy Child said...

I agree with Debbie - Live Writer makes blogging a lot easier, and it's free. I liked your "professional blindfold" - I've got to check if our Dollar Tree has it.

SANDRA said...

I agree with you that laminating some things can be slippery for little ones. I have encountered that with my youngest.

I love the sensory actvities you did this week with your daughter. Great artwork!

Michelle said...

I enjoyed your activities...the whats in the bag one looked like it would be a lot of fun!!