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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Epiphany!

I always used to think it was such a unique idea when my history teacher told us that she didn't open any gifts until the 6th of January- or Epiphany.  I thought when I was a "mom" that it would be a  cool tradition to do as well... BUT it's kind of impossible when the rest of your family does it on Christmas Eve and Christmas day... soooo we do a little something on Epiphany anyway because I love that day.
At the moment it is just something very small- Scarlett and I talk about the 3 kings.... we make crowns to wear that night for the 3 of us- Mommy, Daddy, and Scarlett.  Then after eating a delicious dinner and cake for dessert, the baby Jesus from our creche is "hidden" and the 3 kings must follow the STARS to find Baby Jesus.
We started doing this last year and it was really fun.  Scarlett found the baby Jesus and some little treats along with it just for fun.  I think this year we will also make 3 gifts for Jesus and inside put 3 things to work on this year that would make baby Jesus smile.  :)  I will post pics tomorrow.

Click here to see a  great website about Epiphany!


Mari-Ann said...

Happy Epiphany to you, too! We are celebrating here as well. :)
What a fun and beautiful tradition you're creating for Scarlett. You're such a good mommy!!

Raising a Happy Child said...

This sounds like a fun tradition to have and something to go over "Christmas hangover". The picture of your youngest in the manger is too funny.