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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help for Haiti!

I cannot believe the damage that was done to Haiti by the earthquake.... the images from the news are so sad... I am deeply saddened by all the deaths and families torn apart because of this!! Over 100,000 people are said to have died??! That number is absolutely unbelievable!
It is easy to sit back and just watch it all go by on the new with no emotion... since it didn't happen in my city, state, or country...
But that is 100,000 people... innocent people... that are dead, due to a natural catastrophe- it really did happen and they all had families- mothers, fathers, little girls, little boys, tiny babies- just like us...
I am looking for more ways to help, but as of now I have a box on the right side of my blog where you can donate money.
Lots of prayers are needed- it is during these times that I remember how lucky I am to live where I live and all of the things that I that I have that I take advantage of everyday... I know my family is very blessed!

Please pray for the families in Haiti and donate a little money if you are able!

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Mari-Ann said...

It's just heartbreaking, isn't it? So good of you to reach out.