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Friday, January 29, 2010

Tot School Week 8- Lots of random learning!

Tot School

Starting next week, along with various Tot school activities that we will be doing at home, we will be officially be starting Thursday Preschool Playdates with a couple of Scarlett's 3 and 4 year old friends.  We had a trial playdate last week and it went so well!  I will work with Scarlett on Tuesdays at home with her little sister and then Thursdays another mommy (or two) and myself will be splitting up the Thursdays in the month to work with the kiddos as well.  Should be great!
So this week we were sort of in "limbo" and so we just did lots of fun "preschoolish" activities!  Enjoy!

Cutting with her plastic fruit (one of her Christmas presents)

Lots of painting!

One of her favorites- using small clothespins to hang the "wash" on the line.. there weren't enough felt pieces and so she went and got some of her socks!  Great activity to work on fine motor skills. 
Of course, Lily always wants to help her big sis!

Shape activity- I hide the shapes around the room and she has to find them (she loves this part) and match them to the sheet that has the shapes on them (I always ask her what color the shape is too!)

Stacking her boxes- her little sis had to "help" with this too- and "helped" knock them over quite a few times- Scarlett was very patient with her little sis!  

Matching Upper Case letters with Lower case letters- I found colorful, plastic poker chips at Dollar Tree and glued the lowercase letter with same picture to the chip.  Then Scarlett matches it to the same picture and Upper case letter on the paper.  She did great- and really enjoyed it!

Making mini cupcakes for Mommy's birthday!  Scarlett LOVES to help cook- especially if it has anything to do with chocolate (this girl SERIOUSLY takes after me!! LOL)
She iced all the cupcakes (but I'm not sure it all went on the cupcakes... see her face?!?) LOL
Here is how they turned out... Ta da!

Here is Mommy's birthday cake and the mini cupcakes!
This was one of my favorite pics this week... we bought Lily a Pottery Barn First Chair because big sister has one as well- they love to read books in that chair!  Now, Scarlett will pull her chair into Lily's room and they pull the books up in between them and sit and READ!! 
I am just in heaven and took tons of pictures- too sweet!

These are the moments that make me so happy and BLESSED that I am a stay at home mommy!!

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Wonder Mom said...

Hanging up the wash- so cute! (It's good to train them young...)

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I love the clothes line idea. I am going to see how my bug does with that!

Gina Stinson said...

Love the way 'lil sis "helps". We've got that same kind of helping going on at my house.

Have fun with the playdates! FUN!

Brandie said...

I have put mini clothespins in and out of my cart, but I think the "wash" game would be so much fun! Especially since my wee one loves to help with laundry!

artsy_momma said...

The preschool playdates ound fun! I love the hanging up the clothes- too cute!

kewkew said...

Really like your shape find activity and how you did the upper/lower case match. Just popped on by through the Preschool Corner link on Homeschool Creations! If you get a chance, my blog is:
Now I think I will take some time and check out more of your posts.

zaf_fam_tx said...

Cute to see orderly girls reading in their pottery barn chairs. My son uses his as a springboard to jump on and out of, most of the time! (Some reading in it is done occasionally!)

Mari-Ann said...

Great week, as always Jo! You are amazing! Hope all goes well with your preschool playdates!

sbswtp said...

Such a great week!!! I love the clothesline :)

Susan said...

That clothes pin activity looks like so much fun. I have been hesitant to try out clothes pins with my little one because I am not sure she will be able to pinch them, and not her fingers! I can not wait to try this with her. I envision hanging lots of doll clothes. Thanks!