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Monday, January 4, 2010

REINDEER PARTY- Part 3 ( FINALLY... huh?!??)

I am sorry it took me weeks (literally!) to post the final reindeer party blog... if you have seen my recent blogs I explain why... Any who... Here it is! :)
(Both sisters excited for the Reindeer Birthday party later that day!!! As you can see Lily is still in her pjs!)

Scarlett's 3rd birthday party was absolutely wonderful! It just turned out great!

We decided to do an afternoon party (after the kiddos nap) and have snacks and cupcakes for the party.  And so that is when I decorated our "enclosed garage" for the party! 

I covered Scarlett's "preschool table" with a  red table cloth... tied up red and white balloons... cut out and laminated cute Christmas paper placemats and set out our Reindeer snack cups that we had made.  I also used red and gold streamers on the ceiling and had 4 big gold stars hung around the room.  We also had some blow up reindeer that we got from Dollar Tree- too cute!   The look on Scarlett's face when she got up from a nap was priceless!!!!

Once the party began, (and each child had a set of reindeer antlers placed on their head when they arrived) we started with a reindeer ornament that I got from Hobby Lobby (think I saw them on Oriental Trading as well)  It was an easy craft with foam parts that either stuck or were glued on to make a cute little ornament.  It was great to start off with this because families trickled in over the 1st half hour and this kept the little ones busy (and the parents too!)  lol

After the ornaments were finished it was on to Pin the nose on Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!
 Each child was blindfolded, given a red nose with double sided tape (I just put them right up to the picture of Rudolph- they are too little to spin around! ) It was pretty cute to watch them and they seemed to really enjoy it!  The winner received a cute set of reindeer ornaments for their Christmas tree!

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Scarlett and eat reindeer cupcakes!

 Here they are!  Yellow cake with chocolate frosting... Large Pretzels snapped in half and stuck into the top for antlers and regular M&M's for eyes (blue or green) and Red peanut M&M's for the nose!
Plus a fun christmas cupcake wrapper too! I think these were a holly berry design.

Afterwards, we went to the Christmas tree and opened all of the birthday presents!  This was one of Scarlett's favorites- Melissa and Doug Magnetic Dress up- so much fun!

After the presents were opened, Santa Claus came for a surprise visit!!!  He passed out candy canes and took pictures with the kids- this was the perfect age- they were all very excited!

Another PRICELESS moment... when we saw all the expressions of the little 2 and 3 year olds!
So much fun!
When it was time to leave Scarlett handed out little (party favor) green "chinese food" boxes that had reindeer on them... (got them at Dollar Tree)  Inside they had reindeer cookies that we baked, magic reindeer food (to bring the reindeer to your house on Christmas Eve, a christmas ring to wear, and some candy.  Many of Scarlett's friends have little brothers or sisters that are Lily's age... so we gave them a cute Reindeer Board book as a party favor.(the first picture on this blog shows the party favors in the background on the table)

I have more 'in -depth" detail about things that I did for the party in my Part 2 blog - but this was just a follow -up blog to let you know how it went (you NEVER know with 2 and 3 year olds!!) 
But.... this party went FABULOUSLY!   It was super fun for everyone!

Thanks for reading!   ;-)


artsy_momma said...

I love the cupcakes and the party favors sound so fun!

Mari-Ann said...

Oh well done!!! This sounds like it was a total blast! Scarlett is one lucky girl to have such a wonderful and creative mama!! LOVE the cupcakes... yum! :)

Kendra@My Insanity said...

Fun way to combine a birthday with the season! Cute cupcakes!