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Monday, February 22, 2010

Interviewing a VERY IMPORTANT person :)

I saw this cute interview on the Rogers' Family Blog . I thought this was such a funny idea! It will be neat to see how her answers change in a few months... also when Lily can talk a little more (she is talking quite a bit!) it will be fun to do it with her as well :)

Here is Scarlett's first interview, Age 3 (or 38 months):

What is your name:Scarlett
When is your birthday: December
How old are you: This many (holds 3 fingers up) Three!
Who is your Mom:You
What does your Mom do: Get me food  (sheesh!!)
Who is your Daddy: Daddy
What does your Daddy do: He does funny things!
What is your favorite color: Red
What is your favorite song: Do Re Mi  (and then she sang it to me!)  lol
What do you want to do when your grow up: Be a Circus clown and a Rock star too   (oh my goodness!)
Where do you want to live when you grow up: In  Dallas, Texas
What is your favorite food: Peanut Butter and Jellyfish (this is PJ&J in laymen's terms- lol!)
What is your least favorite food: no spicy things
What is your favorite animal: giraffe
What do Mama and Daddy do after you go to bed: go on a date   (hee hee!)
What does Daddy say: I love you, Scarlett!
What does Mama say: I love you too, Scarlett  and then she said--What does Lily say? Hello, Scarlett!
Who does our family love the most:  Lily baby
Where do we go to church: at Sunday 
Why do we go to church: Because we say our prayers and sing songs there.
What is your favorite movie: Cinderella
What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Red icecream---( huh?!? )
Where do you like to eat: Chuck-E- Cheese
Who is your favorite person: Mommy   (aww- and I didn't even prompt her I swear! lol  )
Who is your best friend: Lily   (awww!)
What is your favorite book? Cinderella books
Who is your sister:Lily
Where did your sister come from: From Mommy's tummy!
What is your favorite thing to do: go run and play and have Lily chase me all around!
Then she wanted to ask me lots of questions too- but most of them she answered for me- LOL!

Have a great Monday! :)


The Fifth Street Mama said...

I think Virginia Lee should put up a linky since so many people borrowed her fantastic idea!
What a cute interview!

Elise said...

So adorable. You must be tickled pink that you are Scarlett's favourite person. Some of her responses just cracked me up (What does mummy do? Get me food and What does Daddy do? Funny things).

I did an interview with Savvy on her thrird birthday and plan on doing one every year on her birthday (I'll also interview Blakie when he can respond). Interviews with a three year old sure put a smile on your face and sometimes the responses can be very enlightening!!

Mommy Moment said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing! You have a cute blog.
I hope you'll stop by and visit me (I am in the process of a NEW blog reveal right now...everything should be done by Saturday!)

Anonymous said...

That is too cute! I love your quotes at the top of your page too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :) I should have saved my give away last week for the 100th follower...oh well, too late! You have some cute ideas on here, I'll have to come back and browse later!