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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tot School Week 11- Letter R

Tot School
This week we started with the Letter R (we do 2 weeks of focusing on a letter because we only do REALLY planned activities on Tuesday and Thursday).  I think Scarlett (who just turned 3) needs lots of unscheduled, unpredictable PLAY time because that is what a child should be doing at this age- lots of PLAYING!  :)

We also talked about the Olympics this week and the color RED! :)

Working on copying the capital Letter R

Making RAINBOWS (Letter R and color RED) with coffee filters, droppers, and food coloring!


SOOO PRETTY! :)  She had LOTS of fun doing this- I think she would have done it ALL day!

THURSDAY PRESCHOOL PLAYDATE:   They made people with shapes, rectangles, circles, triangles, squares, etc. VERY COOL!
 They did lots of fun little indoor "Olympic Activities" and then made the cutest #1 Ribbons with sticky foam paper - Scarlett LOVED this and wore the ribbon all day!

More Letter R tracing practice and R is for RAINBOWS!

Letter R word search on she colored the letter R's that she found!

I have to admit this week looks very scarce... we did LOTS of random unscheduled activities and not so many pictures were taken.  Not to mention my girls were a little under the weather with colds and some sinus allergy stuff.  So... I know it looks like we were slackers! LOL
I have more letter R for this coming week and lots of cool ideas for my Thursday Preschool Playdate- so stay tuned!



artsy_momma said...

I love the shape people- neat idea! We did a coffee filter marker project this past week too :)

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

what a fun week! I love the different activities! :)

Anonymous said...

What a great week! I think you guys got a ton done! You are so right on the needing to play and learn through play just unscheduled :-)