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Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Lily on back cover of a Dallas Magazine!

Lily was chosen to be in a photo for a company advertising in Dallas.  Her picture was on the back cover of Advocate magazine - it was pretty exciting for us! :)   When we went to the photo shoot, I was pretty worried about how she would do-  because she can do this "shy" act sometimes. But she was very happy the entire time- except that she did NOT want to sit down and hold a scratchy flower valentine against her bare skin!   Somehow, with me quickly sitting her down over and over again, and getting her to smile ever few seconds(!!)  they were able to get a fairly cute shot- I really do NOT know how they did it?!?  But I wish the cute little pink bow we had for her would have stayed in her hair.  She is not one for hair bows at the moment... Oh well, it was something different and exciting to do!



Mom vs. the boys said...

SuPeR CuTe!!!!

Wonder Mom said...

It IS something exciting!

Sheena said...

Where do you live? (If you don't mind me asking) We live in the Dallas area too. I wonder how close we are... :)

Jo Shabo said...

Sheena- I tried to reply to you via email- but I can't because when I click on your name (from your reply above) it goes to noreply@
Can you go to your settings and change it so I can send you an email? I'd love to see where you are in D-town! said...

how fun to have your daughter on the cover of a magazine. darling photo : )

Helena said...

She's a little doll! Such a cheerful little model!