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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tot School Week 9- Letter V and More!

Tot School


We made handprint valentine's from some easy molding clay that I bought at Hobby Lobby.

I have never made salt dough ornments myself- I remember doing them as a child.  The recipe I found didn't turn out too well though... Scarlett put all the ingredients together...
and stirred... did I mention she loves to do this??

And rolled (look at her concentration! ha ha!

And put all the cute little heart cutters in the dough-she had fun trying fit as many as she could in the dough.


Then we put them in the oven-- when they came out they were cracked... and not pretty at all- so we ended up throwing them away and not getting to paint them (luckily because we have had LOTS going on, Scarlett forgot about painting them.) But I wanted to paint them too! Hopefully I can find a better recipe next time.  :(


Next, Scarlett worked on counting snowflakes and putting the clip on the correct number of snowflakes that she counted.  She was having a hard time pinching the clips- look at this face!!


Some of the cards had LOTS of snowflakes (they were laminated) and so we were able to use a dry erase marker and she marked the snowflakes off as she counted them- this helped her keep track much easier!


Worked on cutting - I have her cut copies from our Kumon cutting book so that I can keep reusing the book for my other little munchkins!

On Thursday we had THURSDAY PRESCHOOL PLAYDATE with a few friends- it was our second one!! We talked about lots of words that start with V and the Creation Story-- They had soooo much fun- Check out my blog about it! :)

 Finally, we made little Groundhog Day crowns... got the idea from a blog but can't remember where?! Lily and Scarlett really LOVED wearing them though- Scarlett wore hers to library story time- LOL!

Happy Belated Groundhogs day, Early Valentine's day and every day in between!!! ;)
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Survival of a Homeschool Mom said...

I love your handprint hearts! Turned out very cute.

Sue said...

Thanks for following me - following you back.

Lots of cute ideas! Love the hand prints & groundhog hats.

Have a great day♥

Cassie said...

Those handprint hearts are such a great idea! I love that there are so many kid friendly crafts to do for Valentines day.

sbswtp said...

What great activities!!! I love the Valentine Handprints!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

The handmade valentines are a great gift ideas for family. Thanks for the idea.

Sheena said...

Love the handprint valentine's. I might just have to get some clay this week to try that with the kids. Thanks for sharing the idea.

Susan said...

Those handprint Valentines are so darling. We did some at Christmas, but these are too cute.

Elise said...

Handprints for Valentine's Day would make such a sepcial gift that would serve as a sweet keepsake.

What a shame about the salt dough ornaments. I used a recipe that I got from here:

htebazile said...

I too have never had much success with salt dough, If you find a recipe that works well please share!

Dee said...

Those are sooo great! I need to do this with Evan!

Dee said...

Let me know if you find a good recipe!

Lindsay said...

OO what a great valentine craft from the molding clay! Here is a link to a salt dough recipe that worked well for us over Christmas:

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

very cute! Love the handprints! :)

Sherri said...

what a great week!
Looks like you had a lot of fun!
I adore the hand print idea!

kate said...

Hi Jo- great site- it looks like you are full of loads of great creative ideas! I'll be back soon!