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Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday Preschool Playdate - Week 2 ( LETTER V)

Week 2 of Thursday Preschool Playdate!
We are focusing on the Letter V for this week and next week. 

(we only meet once per week- but Scarlett and I will also be doing this ourselves on Tuesdays each week)

These baskets are making thing so organized!!

The orange, blue,and pink baskets are what each student will be working on ... that large popcorn bin has some of the"Montessori activities"that I will pull out later- just don't want them distracted with too much stuff!

First we made a collage of various Vegetables to put on the letter V that was cut from construction paper.

Then we played "Guess what Vegetable?"  I put veggies in a bag, blindfolded them (they love that part) and let them feel and smell the veggies- then they had to guess!
 Next we did Volcanoes!! Now THIS is a fun V theme! Got the idea from Keri at  The Home Teacher.

First some red dye (for the LAVA color effect)

Then some baking powder...

                                                                   Pour in some vinegar...
and it comes BUBBLING OUT!! They LOVED it- very fun to do!
We also watched a couple volcanic eruptions on YOU TUBE after we did this activity.

After all the hard work as "volcanologists" we decided to eat some 
Vanilla ice cream and  Vanilla cookies! Yum Yum!! 
**While they were eating their snack I read the Creation story and Adam and Eve ( in Genesis)... this was our stART project for the week- you can see it on my previous blog or click HERE!  **

Then we did some transferring activities:  This one was using the tongs to move the plastic hearts into each of the ice cube holes.  This still isn't completely easy for any of them.

Next I used some foam heart stickers (got them from Hobby Lobby) and put them in a certain pattern on a popsicle stick.  The student had to copy the pattern of colored and different sized hearts on to their own popsicle stick.  This was a little difficult for them too- but they ended up catching on and I think it was a very good learning activity for sizes, colors, and patterns!


I had these cute heart shaped cookie cutters that can be placed inside of each other... this
was another great size activity.. Each student had to put them together largest to smallest.

I've seen quite a few versions of this on various blogs-- I also used the cute plastic hearts (from the transferring activity) and they were placed in a neat line on popsicle sticks.  I think Scarlett did about 3 of these popsicle sticks-- she was very engaged in this activity!


The last thing we did was tracing the letter V with shaving creme!  I was so busy with the kids that I wasn't able to take any pictures (and my hands were a little messy)- bummer!  
They all had so much fun doing this project- duh- I even like it!
It helped clean up the paint on the tables and on their hands-- ahhh...nice and clean smelling. 

For more great ideas check here!   


Wonder Mom said...

It is so funny how kiddos love to play guessing games- and the blindfold you sheik!

Great job this week!

Sheena said...

What a great playdate! I love all of these ideas. I'll probably have to use some of them when we do the letter V in a few weeks. We have those same plastic hearts and I did a tong activity with them this week and my daughter had a hard time picking them up too because they would just slip out once she got it.

The Chandlers said...

What a great idea!! It looks so fun!! I can't wait to see what other fun things you come up with!

(BTW I found you on Follow Friday!)

Mari-Ann said...

What a GREAT V week!

Debbie said...

I love the pictures of the kids playing the guessing game!

Great week!

Raising a Happy Child said...

You are a hero for hosting those fun and educational playdates. The guessing game looks like a lot of fun. It's amazing how willing the children are to learn when they learn together.