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Friday, February 12, 2010

Tot School Week 10- VALENTINES!

Tot School

This week we continued with the letter V- for VALENTINES!

Matching the "LOVE BUGS".  
( I got these cute printables (below) from the TOT Pack on 1+1+1=1

Finding hidden Valentine's all over the house!


And matching them on the Valentine sheet.

Tracing her name... she can actually write this by herself when prompted step by step, but her tracing skills need lots of work!

 VALENTINE "button snake"- Great idea from Counting Coconuts! First, Scarlett used the felt hearts and made the pattern- red, pink, red, pink...

Then she had to put button through the felt hearts (on a cute valentine ribbon, I might add...) Scarlett called it "dressing the snake in clothes"  LOL!

She gets very serious about this- I love it!!

Tying into the book we made GG and Poppi a "Mosaic-like "Valentine Sun-catcher... I have seen this on LOTS of blogs... but we just sort of through this together- Contact paper and construction paper with a heart cut out of it.... Then we tore up some tissue paper and she placed it all over the sticky contact paper heart.  Later I put a piece of that cute ribbon (like the one from above) on the top of the heart so it could hang like a sun-catcher.

They turned out cute and it was mailed off to Orlando!  Scarlett loves to mail things and to get mail too!! :)

We had our Pray and Play group over on Wednesday- so we made some blueberry muffins and some banana nut muffins as well.  Scarlett helped cook and decorate them with some very cute heart picks.

a VERY snowy Thursday in DALLAS-- so we did LOTS of playing!!

 And while we were snuggling to stay warm inside there was quite a bit of....


For more great ideas check out:



Leann said...

where did you get your tracing sheets?

have fun in the snow... we live in the south, and are expecting an inch or so Saturday night. My little one can't wait!

Jo Shabo said...

Oh, thanks for asking - forgot to put that! The tracing paper- you can write your kiddos names and it will print it out for you-- is from

Pathfinder Mom said...

You may enjoy the tracing worksheets that you can make here as well:
and here:
They're totally customizable. We love them!

Shana said...

That looks like a great day!!

Wonder Mom said...

Just a "lovely" week!

Cassie said...

I really love the tickle picture!

sbswtp said...

So much snow!!!! I love the hiding hearts around the house. And it looks like she did a really good job with the tracing sheets!!! Another great week!

htebazile said...

I love the Valentine button snake, too cute!

Shaunna said...

I'm a new follower to your blog and really love it! Love the "hide-n-seek" hearts around the house...what a fun way to bring action into learning!

Susan said...

Thanks for posting the tracing link. I was trying to remember where I saw that before and could not!

Our Country Road said...

What a lovely week! The muffins look yummy. It looks like your daughter enjoyed finding the valentines.

Lindsay said...

What a fun week! I love that you have a pray and play group! I love the heart collage project as well!

Kylie said...

Love your hide n seek game, great idea. :)