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Friday, February 26, 2010

Tot School Week 12- R & Thurs. Preschool Playdate!

Thursday Preschool Playdate and the LETTER R

R is for RICE and RED  (TRACE the letter R in glue stick and then cover with rice!)
Shake the excess rice off of the red letter R and (ta-da!) a RED, RICE LETTER R!

**Then, we read The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter and talked about rabbits- I don't have many pictures but you can see in some pictures the bunny ears each kid received as well as a little wind-up bunny (they Raced those later on in a RABBIT RELAY RACE!)

Next was the cute 'Roll A Rainbow" game from a favorite blogger- Erica (Confessions of a Homeschooler).


Painting Rice Cakes-  "RAINBOW RICE CAKES!" (such a cute idea from: Mom Tried it)

(I used condensed sweetened milk mixed with food coloring- and they painted it on the rice cake- yummy!)

Then we got our letter R exeRcise!!
We played Ring toss...
we Rolled...

we Raced and had Relays...
(notice we also had a Red drink... cranberry juice to be exact!)   :)

Earlier in the week Scarlett and I worked on a few other things as well...

I made this nifty recycled color game... this cardboard piece is from a quilt that I bought for Scarlett's bed at Target.  It had these slits in it (where they had a ribbon to tie around the whole quilt). I almost threw it away but the slits were perfect for putting poker chips through it!  So I whipped this up- very quickly! On the underside (you can see colored tape above the slits) I taped baggies to catch the colored poker chips and to see if she matched them correctly!- FUN! (and I recycled- that felt good too! ha ha!)

My tiny tot LOVED to play this with her big sis!

We also did a really cute color match cross game that I printed and laminated 

We had a RRRReally fun week! :)

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Debbie said...

You had some great ideas for the week! I love the homemade color game you made!

Brandie said...

Cute idea! I love recycled things turned toys! My girls seem to actually prefer those.

Jolanthe said...

love the color sorting game!! Great idea!

Cindy said...

I am behind on reading posts and I am so happy I saw yours. This week we are going to work on rainbows to get ready for St. Pattys day. Thanks for all the ideas.

Lisa said...

Rainbow rice cakes- what a great idea!!

Mari-Ann said...

Well done!! What a fantastic R week!

Jolly Green Mom said...

I love your "R" exercises. That's a great way to work some physical movement in with something "academic".