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Friday, February 12, 2010

stArt: Saint Valentine

This week, we read Saint Valentine written and illustrated by Robert Sabuda.  I have heard a few stories here and there about Saint Valentine but I really, really love this story especially!
I liked the mosaic style pictures because they were different than most picture books and it led perfectly into our mosaic-looking Valentine suncatchers!

Scarlett decided to send her suncatcher to her GG and Poppi in Orlando, Florida- which is great since it is pretty sunny there most of the time!
First, we ripped up lots of little pieces of pink and purple tissue paper.
Then I cut a heart out of the center of construction paper (Scarlett is doing great with scissors but she really has just started with this.)
Then we placed some contact paper in the hole of the heart so it was sticky- Scarlett put little pieces of pink and purple tissue paper all over the sticky surface- she kept lifting it up to see if the sun could "get through"!  
Finally we taped a pretty valentine ribbon the top of the heart so her GG could hang it up.
Turned out really cute! :)


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