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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Husband, the Sculptor

He never gets time to do any of his fabulous artwork anymore... except on the rare occasion that it snows!! LOL
Isn't this cool though?  My husband is soooo artistic! (Wish I had that in me!!)

Out working on his "masterpiece"

Close up of his art!


HAPPY SNOW DAY!  This kind of snow in Dallas is very, very rare!  It has been quite an adventure today- and pretty exciting for the girls (and Daddy too- can you tell?!)



artsy_momma said...

Very cool!

Shana said...

First of all that is awesome! Second of all, you get the cd form my blog. If you will email me through my profile with your name and shipping info that would be great. Love your blog and am now following!

Adriana said...

That is AWESOME!

Mom vs. the boys said...

um wow! that is impressive!

Michelle said...

I am super impressed with your husband's skills. You have a beautiful family and great blog.